Gay marriage and the Republican agenda

Romney SteeeleI know there are gay Republicans, but it is hard to believe someone would want to participate in a party where they are considered pariah.
That’s it? Gay marriage is an economic issue? Mike couldn’t come up with anything better than that?  The Republicans need to get the nutcases off of the pulpit.  The gay commuity feeds a lot of money into the economy. We work. We buy property. We vote.  We pay taxes. Our taxes go to many resources, that we may or may not utilize, like schools and churches (in my case). I don’t mind paying taxes, because I like the comforts of this society and I believe in the social experiment we have going on in this country. However, if I am paying taxes for public commodities that I don’t use, then there is no valid reason to use cost as a justification for denying me the same recognition and legal protection provided to others.

~ by ameanderingmuse on May 28, 2009.

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