Commission only sales as a re-invention of sharecropping


I was asked in a recent job interview about how frequently I have received raises or asked for a raise. I had to think about that for a moment. I have always worked in jobs where I can get a raise by delivering more newspapers, painting more houses, turning more tables, selling more advertising, selling another loan, working longer, working harder or producing more.

My answer was that I have never worked anyplace where you would ask for one or expect to receive one. I have always worked for tips or commission. From my perspective a salary with a bonus structure is a novel and enticing concept. Health benefits and a vacation plan that allows top sales people to take more than 3-4 day increments at a time would be delightful. With 10%+ unemployed nationwide, a salary with benefits has wide appeal these days.

Sales jobs are challenging. I was initially attracted by the potential to maximize my income based on effort rather than at my employer’s discretion. After 20 years of mad scrambling for the next table, the next client, the next sale and the next close, I have become jaded about this commission only arrangement. The recession may have exacerbated my surly demeanor, but the seeds of cynicism were sown several years before the current economic downturn.

For full blog post, click here: Commission only sales as a re-invention of sharecropping


~ by ameanderingmuse on August 12, 2009.

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