What progress can we expect from Obama?


Obama gave a speech to the HRC on October 11th, reaffirming his commitment to gay rights issues and pledging to abolish DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell). Whereas I appreciate him expressing these sentiments, I do not believe that he will be able to accomplish progress on LGBT issues given the rancorous political climate in Washington and the virulent opposition by Republicans.

After 8 years of Bush attacking the gay community to distract citizens from more important issues, I am happy to have a President who approaches these issues as an ally.  However intentions do not equal action.

Obama specifically cited his intent to eliminate DADT. That would be great. I would love that. I am curious to hear his strategy for overcoming the substantial opposition likely to be encountered in the process. How does he intend to get Republican lawmakers to go along with overturning DADT when opposing gay rights is part of the right wing mantra?

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~ by ameanderingmuse on October 22, 2009.

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