Oxendine’s political strategy based on attacking queers for cash


Yet another Republican candidate for office has concluded that the best way to raise cash and secure office is to avoid all issues of substance in favor of bashing gays.

John Oxendine is currently running for Governor of Georgia.  He issued a press release on Friday, October 9th in response to the LGBT March on Washington for Coming Out Day (excerpt):

…one of the most important issues to conservative voters is the institution of marriage.  But not just white voters. Many minority voters are very traditional in this area and they tell me they resent the gay lobby “hijacking” the civil rights movement for something
besides skin color or gender.  Those on the other side of this argument, made up of mostly Democrats, the gay community and special interests, have utilized any and every thing to secure civil marriage for themselves—including municipal governments, state legislatures, executive orders, courts, and did I mention, courts.  The GLBT lobby and activist groups have employed every tactic to distort ballot initiatives and spin the issue as something other than what it is.  Now, they want to apply pressure to President Obama and have him deliver for them.

I’m impressed by Oxendine’s ability to vilify a large cross-section of the local population in one paragraph. Bang those drums of righteousness brother! Whereas it is clear who he opposes in his statement, it is difficult to ascertain what he represents.  I am particulary impressed by his attempt to redefine civil rights as exclusively a gender or race issue.

Considering his career choice, Oxendine seems remarkably uneducated about the concept of civil rights.  Civil rights are a class of rights and freedoms that protect individuals from unwarranted government action and ensure one’s ability to participate in the civil and political life of the state without discrimination or repression.  Civil rights encompasses discrimination based on race, gender, religion and age, though evidently ‘skin color and gender’ are the only relevant variables when pandering for votes in Georgia.

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~ by ameanderingmuse on November 2, 2009.

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