Gay rights rant

ebay_link_gayFundamentalists and right wing pundits in Maine demonstrated their finesse at utilizing morality to win the public hate debate surrounding gay rights.

The entire gay rights debate chafes me. I am annoyed that there is a debate about something that should be a non-issue. Is there anything new about being gay? Nope, we’ve been around since the species started recording things, though long term marginalization requires sifting and sorting through the details to find us. Is homosexuality unusual? Nope, there are more of us than there are left-handed people, people with green eyes or people with IQs over 140. Furthermore there are people that are green-eyed, left-handed, with an IQ well over 140, gay and/or transgendered. Genetic variations are astonishing, aren’t they?

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~ by ameanderingmuse on November 9, 2009.

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